From Memberships to Loyalty Points: A Transision

Those who've joined us at the club over the last few weeks will have noticed that things have changed a bit, especially when it comes to setting up and paying your tab.

Specifically, we've started asking for things like your name and email address. And after you've settled, you've received an email telling you about points you've earned.

Now's the time when we explain what the deal is with all of that.

When we first opened the club, two and a half years ago, we had a very different idea about how you guys would probably want to handle your bills. We figured that things should work a bit like a gym contract: you'd pay monthly, and then come through as often as you felt like it, with all your bottomless beverages already paid for.

We also decided to include an option for geeks who couldn't join us too often: the Day Pass - a once-off membership that lasted for single day only.

Within a few months of opening, we realised that our initial plan was a bit off. Most of you, it seemed, preferred to go for the Day Pass every time, rather than commit to a Membership a few weeks in advance.

While it seemed to work just fine that way, we eventually did the sums, and we noticed that quite a few of you were paying more than you needed to, by buying several Day Passes a month, rather than benefiting from the savings a Membership would offer. We scratched our heads for a while, trying to figure out a practical way to offer Membership-like savings to all our regular customers, without requiring payment upfront.

A couple of months ago we hit upon the solution.

We switched over to a Point Of Sale system named Kounta. It was a good choice for us, for a number of reasons. But one of the many cool features Kounta offered us was the ability to plug into a loyalty points system called Collect.

What Collect lets us do is to keep track of every Rand you spend at the club, and offer you rewards back in the form of discounts off your future purchases.

What's more, Collect allows you to interact with your own account, track your own points, and choose which rewards you'd like to redeem. Or we could do it for you when you come into the club... whichever works best for you. There's no need to carry around membership cards, or even to log into the Collect portal if you don't want to (although there's a little bonus waiting for you in Collect if you do).

In fact, if you're reading this on our site, look for the little "Check Rewards" button hovering at the bottom of this page. You can log in from there!

Now that we have this in place, there's no longer any need to offer Memberships. Since so few of you were using them anymore anyway, I doubt many people will miss them. We reckon Collect is a way cooler and easier way to go.

The current rewards offered on the Collect system are likely to change. And we'll be adding in more rewards to unlock as we go along. So keep an eye on your email updates to see what you've earned and what you can work towards.

We'll be announcing a new system to offer additional savings to our Affiliates over the next few weeks. Although our Affiliate members will be able to take advantage of the new Collect scheme too, we want to be able to offer extra bonuses to those of you who are more active in our extended community. 

Posted on May 2, 2016 and filed under Announcements.