DeeTwenty and Sad Robot: BFFs!

If you've played Magic at the club before (and let's face it, who hasn't?) you'll have noticed the pervasive presence of the Sad Robot logo around the place. You may not have thought much about it, but it meant something to us.

For two years now, Sad Robot have been involved in shoring up our Magic organised play by sanctioning our events, providing us with stock to sell to our customers, and making it awesomely convenient for you guys to pick up your Sad Robot orders at the club to save on shipping.

The guy responsible for all that, Bruce Smith, passed away suddenly a few weeks ago. But before he left us, Bruce set in motion a new project: one that's going to change all kinds of things for both Sad Robot and DeeTwenty.

Today we're pleased to announce that Bruce's new project is officially a thing! DeeTwenty's owners, Owen Swart and Soo Patterson, have taken partial ownership of Sad Robot alongside their new partners Eugene Stander and Ali Smith. Owen has taken a major role in day-to-day ops of Sad Robot, and Sad Robot has moved to DeeTwenty's premises in Ferndale.

What this means for you:

As a Sad Robot customer, your parcels will be shipped from Ferndale instead of Kempton Park. That shouldn't make a difference to you guys.

As a DeeTwenty customer, your experience shouldn't change much either. The Sad Robot office is round the back, and won't get in the way of club activities.

As both a Sad Robot and DeeTwenty customer: you're the guys who win. Before now, you've had to wait up to a week to pick up your orders from the club. Now that turnaround time will be drastically reduced: you'll be able to pick up your cards within a couple of days of completing your order. That's fast!

Now that our powers have been combined, we'll be able to do some other awesome things in the future. Watch this space for some of those cool things to come! 

Head over to, browse our selection and order some cards that'll be waiting for you at the club next time you come through! It'll be awesome!

Posted on December 9, 2015 .