Food From Outside

Ho geeks,

As you're probably aware by now, we're very proud of our Power-Up Bar. It's our way of keeping us all fuelled up with food and drinks to keep us geeking. We've got some really nice things on the menu, and it's an important part of our business.

But we're a small business, and there's only so much we can offer on our menu. Some of our customers have specific dietary restrictions that we can't cater to, and sometimes you really feel like eating something that we don't offer.

When that happens, customers will sometimes bring in food and drinks from outside. We've traditionally been cool with that. But we've started to notice that when it happens, it starts to eat into our already-very-slim margins.  

Thing is, we're the ones who have to clean up those fast food containers, dropped chips and spilled condiments. And if you ask us to use a plate or something, we'll say yes because we're nice guys, but we still have to clean that plate, despite the fact that we didn't sell the food item that dirtied it to begin with. There's a business cost to us, but we don't get to put anything from it towards our bottom line. In short, it's bad business.

Other businesses that have a similar model to ours, like cinemas and night clubs, tend to have a simple rule about that kind of thing: "No food or drinks to be brought onto the premises." We thought about it, but we decided that wasn't our style. 

So instead, this is what we decided to do. As of today, you'll see this sign around the club:

We think that's a pretty fair compromise. We want you to feel comfortable eating or drinking whatever you like at the club. This way you can do that, and it's not a hassle for anyone. Plus, if you'd like to use one of our plates, some tomato sauce or have us nuke something for you in our microwave, we're happy to do it, cos it's paid for. Everybody wins!

To be clear, we're not going to be dicks about this. If you've bought yourself a cooldrink for the drive over, and you haven't finished it by the time you walk through the door, we're not going to charge you for that. But if you're bringing along a picnic lunch, having food delivered to you here, or sharing some home-baked cookies with your gaming group, we're going to have to add that R10 to your tab.

And remember: If there's something you really like to eat or drink, and it's not already available at the Power-Up Bar, please add it to our Suggestion Box. If it gets enough votes, we'll look into adding to to the menu.

See you around the club!

Posted on January 16, 2015 .