State of the Club

A lot has been going on at the club lately, so I reckon it's time we caught up on all of it.

DeeTwenty 2.0

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to our Indiegogo campaign. Those who signed up for benefits have already started getting them!

We didn't reach our funding goal, alas. But that doesn't stop our plans, it just delays things a bit. We'll still be doing all the stuff we planned on doing, it just may take us a bit longer to get there. And you can still help us by keeping on keeping on, being awesome, loyal customers and spreading the gospel of DeeTwenty's goodness to your fellow geeks.


One of the things we've already launched is locker rentals. VIP members have this built in, but if anyone else would like a private, lockable bin to keep some of their stuff safely at the club, that's available for an extra R40 per month.

The Deck

Because we didn't manage to reach our funding goal, we've had to make a couple of hard choices. The hardest has been to rent out the Deck (the upstairs area) to a private tenant for a few months. It shouldn't affect business, since we were hardly using it anyway, and splitting the rent will help us get some of the upgrades we've been planning on. 

If all goes according to plan we'll be able to get a newly refurbished and upgraded Deck back by the end of the year. It's win win!

New Affiliates

Keep an eye on this blog over the next week or two for a series of announcements about a new crop of DeeTwenty Affiliate groups. There's some awesome stuff in there... bound to be something that interests you!

Friday Night Magic

Since our weekly FNM event has gone official (thanks to Sad Robot), it's taken off like the Millennium Falcon from Bespin! If you're into a casual-style, Modern format (but still officially sanctioned and totally legit) event, join us!

As always we've got tons of stuff going on at the club constantly. Be sure to check in on Google+, Facebook or at the club itself to see what's happening.

See you around the club!


Posted on April 27, 2014 and filed under Announcements.