DeeTwenty 2.0 - It's coming!

The time has come for us to take DeeTwenty to the next level: DeeTwenty 2.0!

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As I've mentioned in previous posts, we've had a wonderful response from geeks in our community who love what DeeTwenty does, and what DeeTwenty represents. But we're not done yet... we feel we have a greater contribution to make to Joburg geekdom, and we need your help to get us there.

DeeTwenty 2.0 is our initiative to expand what DeeTwenty does to a new group of largely unserviced geeks: geek teens!

I'm sure you guys remember what it was like, growing up geek in high school or at home, where the number of geeks available to geek with was limited or zero. I'm sure I wasn't the only geek who got beaten up by jocks just for being geeky. If I'd had a safe space to get my geek on, I would have practically lived there after school!

That's what we want to provide: a place local geek teens can go to after school where they can geek out, do homework, relax or do whatever geeks love to do... just like we do!

But there's more involved than just opening our doors earlier: We need extra staff to run the place while we're open for those extra hours; We need to upgrade the Power-Up bar to increase the variety of healthy snacks and meals available; We need to get our security upgraded so those teen geeks are safe at the club after school.

And, most excitingly, we want to add a whole new facility to DeeTwenty to help teen geeks (and other geeks too) get physically active in the fresh air. We're planning to turn the back garden into a mini outdoor laser tag arena!

 Tank not included... unless we can actually find one, then HELLS YEAH!

Tank not included... unless we can actually find one, then HELLS YEAH!

Mind. Blown. Amirite?

To make all of this possible, we're asking you to help give us a kick-start. We've set up a campaign over at Indiegogo where you can help fund this exciting new initiative. And if you know anyone else who might be interested (fellow geeks, parents of geek teens, local high schools, that sort of thing) share the campaign with them and get them to help us get it going!

As always, we're not asking for donations. Your contributions get you stuff, including the new VIP Memberships which are only available through this campaign! Go! Send us money!

I'm super-psyched about this bold new direction we're moving towards. I can't wait to spend my geeking hours at the new and improved DeeTwenty 2.0!

Posted on February 24, 2014 and filed under Announcements.