Memberships And Free Days

Time for another FAQ post! There's today's question:

If I can come to the club for free on your Free Days, why should I pay for a membership?

Good question!

The first answer is: You don't have to. If you're the sort of geek who only wants to come to the club every once in a while on our Free Days, that's cool. We'll see you then!


The second answer is: Because a Membership still gets you cool features. Like what? Well:

More Access to the Club

If you want unlimited access to the club the rest of the time, during any of our Open Sessions, it still makes sense to get yourself a Full Membership.

Likewise if you're a member of one of our Affiliate Groups. Odds are our Free Days won't happen more than once a month on your group's Affiliate Day (odds are it won't coincide very often at all), so to ensure you get to come to your group's weekly events for less, best to sort yourself out with an Affiliate Membership.

What About the Bottomless WiFI?

Even on Free Days, only Full and Affiliate Members will have WiFi access. The password is kept secret, and only you guys can use it. 

What About the Bottomless Coffee?

This is the cool part: If you're a Full Member (or an Affiliate Member attending a Free Day on your group's Affiliate Day), when you check in at reception, you'll be issued a special yellow tag. If you wear that yellow tag about your person, you'll be able to present it at the Power-Up Bar to get your bottomless coffee, tea, hot chocolate or our new Health & Mana Potions!


Visitors who don't have a tag will be able to buy those beverages by the cup, but only Members will have the bottomless stuff (cos you've already paid for it!)

Here's the thing: the Free Days thing is an experiment on our part, to see if we can make things work by changing some elements of our pricing model. It may or may not work, but there's only one way to find out: SCIENCE!

We've tried to make sure that, during our experiment, our Full and Affiliate members still get their money's worth, even when access is free. We reckon we've struck the right balance, but time and experience will tell.

If you think the Free Days model is something we should keep running with, show your support by coming down to the club on those days!

Posted on December 9, 2013 and filed under Announcements.