Calling All Geek Artists!

 Are you the sort of geek who likes to draw, paint, photograph or otherwise render cool, geeky images? Is your stuff good enough to sell? 

If so, yours is the kind of stuff we're looking for: DeeTwenty wants to offer you an exhibition space where you can sell your work!


It's pretty much as simple as that. If you've got some original artwork you're interested in selling, bring it along to DeeTwenty (framed, mounted or whatever - it must be ready to hang on the wall). We'll select the pieces we feel are the best fit for the existing collection, and we'll display them for you.

Next to your piece will be a little label listing the piece's title, a description (if you want one), your name, your website (online portfolio, web-store, Facebook page... whatever you like) and the purchase price for the work. Customers in the club will have the opportunity, not only to enjoy your work while they're here, but to purchase it and take it home with them!


All we ask is a small mark-up on the sale price if we're handling the transaction, and we'll give you the cash when it's sold. If you find a buyer for the piece yourself, you're welcome to take it back any time... we don't add our mark-up if you handle the sale yourself.

As any gallery would, we may have to turn away work that doesn't fit in with the rest of the exhibition. We wish we could take it all, but we only have so much wall-space. But we will try to display as much artwork as we possibly can, so please don't be shy to bring us your stuff.

Feel free to bring your pieces along to any of our Open Sessions. Or if you'd like to make an appointment, you can get in touch.

I can't wait to see some awesome geeky artwork all over our walls!

Posted on December 2, 2013 and filed under Announcements.