The Armoury

One part of the DeeTwenty plan since the very beginning was to provide a kind of "geek convenience store" - a place on the premises where our members and other visitors could pick up the essentials they need in order to keep them geeking.

That little store is called The Armoury. We're far from operating it at the level we're aiming at, but we're making a start. The Armoury is finally starting to carry some stock!

As of a week ago, we now carry a small range of Magic: The Gathering cards and accessories (thanks to Sadrobot), as well as a (very small) range of HeroClix singles!

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One thing we feel very strongly about when it comes to the Armoury is something we've seen all too often at some small retailers: abuse of staff accounts.

We can understand the temptation: when you're responsible for receiving and unpacking awesome geeky things, the urge to set some of those things aside for yourself can be overwhelming. Who wouldn't want to? It's a perk of working at a place like that, right?

Problem is, especially with small retailers (like ourselves) the quantities on offer are so small that once the staff have had a go at incoming stock, sometimes there isn't enough left over for the customers! What you have then is the store's staff showing off their awesome new cards or figures at the next tournament, when the rest of the club didn't even have the opportunity to buy those cool things, because the staff bought them all!

So at DeeTwenty's Armoury we have a policy: "When new stock arrives, staff are not allowed to set aside anything for themselves, and may not make any purchases until after the customers have had a chance."

That means, for example, when we get new Magic stock, we have to wait until there's been a whole Magic event (social play or a tournament) before we're allowed to buy anything for ourselves. the customer comes first!

Geek Co-op

We're also excited at the prospect of making space in the Armoury for a kind of geeky co-op. If you have some geeky thing that you'd like to sell (jewelry or t-shirts you design, rare Anime figurines you import yourself... that sort of thing) we'd love to take a look, and see if we can find a spot for you!

We'll handle sales for you when you're not around and give you the cash next time we see you, for a nominal commission. 

Do you have something you'd like to sell through our Armoury? Get in touch!

Posted on December 13, 2013 and filed under Announcements.