Private Events

Now that the madcap days of the Beta Weeks are over, and the Grand Opening has come and gone, we here at DeeTwenty are starting to settle into whatever passes for "business as usual" around here.

Part of that is helping you guys plan the fun things you want to do at DeeTwenty. I wrote a while back about how to go about booking your event at the club. That part's easy, but here's a refresher:

If all you want to do is geek out with your friends at DeeTwenty during an open session, no booking is required. Just show up!

If you want to be certain there's a table waiting for you in your favourite spot, you can reserve one in advance by filling in the booking form on the Calendar page.


But if you want to do something a bit different, that's where Private Events come in.  A Private Event gives you the opportunity to set aside a whole section of the club, just for you and your guests, and to order special services to make your event even cooler.  

Booking the event is still as easy as filling in the booking form on the Calendar page, but deciding what kinds of cool stuff you want at your event might not be as simple as that. So here's a basic guide to the various things you need to think about:


The date and time. Some things to think about here (aside from personal preference) is the club's normal Open Sessions. Do you mind if other geeks are hanging around doing their thing while your event is going on, or would you rather it just be you and your guests?

The duration of your event is also something to consider. Our venue hire and other services are generally billed per shift (one "shift" is six hours). That means if your event is six hours long or less, that's cool, but if you go over six hours (by even the tiniest bit) it may end up costing up to double.

It should be noted that although Full Members get free event booking as part of their package, that only covers the venue hire for the first six-hour shift per event. After that, even Full Members will need to pay the full amount.


There are four areas available for hire: The Deck (a semi-private upstairs area), the Vault (a slightly smaller room with slightly more privacy), or the Front or Back gardens. 

So factors to think about are things like:

  • How much privacy do we need?
  • How much fresh air do we need?
  • How much space do we need?

A nice thing about having the space to yourself is that your guests don't need to pay a DeeTwenty access fee (Day Pass or Membership) to attend your event. Unless you want them to have access to other DeeTwenty facilities, that is.


Jumping castle not included

Jumping castle not included

What Should I Provide?

DeeTwenty already provides some pretty cool stuff: bottomless coffee (or tea, or hot chocolate) and a Snack Bar with toasted sammiches, chips and cooldrinks. If that stuff is adequate for your plans, then your guests only need pay a Day Pass (if they're not already DeeTwenty members themselves) and they can have full access to it.

But if you'd like to take things a bit further, there are other products and services available. Stuff like:

  • Braai rental (if you want to cook yourself)
  • Braai meat (for you to cook)
  • Babysitting
  • Hostess
  • Cleaning up
  • Additional chairs & tables
  • AV equipment
  • Extra food and drinks

It's worth pointing out that since part of our business is selling food and drinks, like other business that sell food and drinks (MacDonald's or Spur, for example), we're not big fans of people bringing food and drinks they bought elsewhere and consuming them in our venue. It's not the end of the world, but we do need to charge a nominal "corkage fee" if you want to cater events yourself. We're sure you understand.

How Much Do I Have To Spend?

That's up to you, but you should check out our Venue Hire Rate Card to see what services are available, and how easy or hard it is to fit them into your budget.

Also remember that if you can arrange your event to take place during Open Sessions, and you don't mind sharing the space with other customers, there's no need for a booking at all, and it doesn't have to cost you a thing!

Posted on November 20, 2013 and filed under Announcements.