Sceptical Skeptics are Sceptical


I'm thrilled to introduce you guys to our newest Affiliate Group: the Gauteng Skeptics! 

The Gauteng Skeptics are a fairly loose collective with no real organisational structure to speak of. That being the case, I was informally nominated to represent the group as it's "leader" as far as DeeTwenty is concerned. shrug

The first thing I usually get asked when I tell people "I'm a sceptic" is "What are you sceptical of?" The answer, simply, is 'everything'. 

Modern scepticism is a movement of people who think that the scientific method is the most important tool we have to understand the world around us.  While professional scientists are busily making new discoveries, sceptics are battling the old superstitions that get in the way of people enjoying the benefits of progress and knowledge.

The Gauteng Skeptics are involved with consumer advocacy online and in the media as well as community-building and outreach through the Sceptics in the Pub/Park/Club events. I'm sure I speak for most of us when I say we're excited to start holding some of our events surrounded by fellow geeks at DeeTwenty.

Official name: Gauteng Skeptics
Leader: Owen Swart
Affiliate Day: Wednesday


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Posted on October 9, 2013 and filed under Affiliates.