Pass the Conch!

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Today I'm pleased to introduce you guys to our latest Affiliate Group: Social Debating Group - Midrand!

The name of the group pretty much says it all: this group of intellectuals (and others) get together regularly for a friendly debate on all sorts of topics ranging from religion, politics and philosophy to sexuality and science fiction. And have a good meal and a good time while they're doing it!

Although the group itself is quite new (created in October this year) their leader, Soo Patterson, and many of their members are experienced social debaters, having been members and leaders of similar groups in the past.

But it's not just a free-for-all where everyone shows up with a topic in mind, and the one who shouts the loudest wins. There's a system:

Each person round the table gets a chance to make their opening remarks on the randomly selected topic. Once everyone's had their say, the group switches to a 'pass-the-conch' type queuing system: each member has a card with his/her name on it. When someone says something you'd like to respond to, you put your card at the bottom of the stack in the middle of the table. Cards are drawn from the top of the stack, allowing that person a chance to make their comment before the next card is drawn. Eventually your card will make it to the top, and you get your chance. No interruptions, so no shouting is necessary and everyone gets a chance to participate!

No topics are taboo, and all points of view are welcome. But be warned: if you make a claim, you'd best be ready to support it!

Official name: Social Debating Group - Midrand
Leader: Soo Patterson
Affiliate Day: Wednesday
Website: Google+ Community

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Posted on October 7, 2013 and filed under Affiliates.