The Giddy Kiddy Policy

A question that keeps coming up is: What's the deal with kids at DeeTwenty?

Well, the Powers That Be have spent some time scratching our heads, and we've finally come up with a firm answer to that question.

While DeeTwenty is a place meant for grown-up geeks, we totally get that some of those geeks are parents who have little orbiting geeklets in tow. We reckon that those geeklets are the future of geekdom, so we want to include them as much as possible. We don't think it's cool to discriminate against anyone based on how tall they are.



Then it occured to us: we already have a pretty solid Code of Conduct in place. That code applies to everyone, geeklings included. All geeks of all sizes pay the same to get in, and need to be excellent to each other in the same ways. Fair's fair. Nobody's more equal than anyone else!

So if you're likely to bring some Lil' Noobs to the club with you, it's up to you to make sure they understand the rules and follow them like everybody else. We all win! But please take note: it's not cool to expect other paying members to be your babysitters - if your sidekicks need to be watched, it's up to you to watch them.



But we're sympathetic to geek parentals who might want a break from keeping an eye on their geeklings from time to time. We know it's a lot of work, and we want to give you a break.

To that end, we'll be planning special "Family Days" - special Open Sessions when we'll have a 'Hobbits-only' area set aside, and a babysitting service available to those who need it. Just drop your munchkins off, go do your thing, and pick them up when you're all geeked out.

Keep an eye on our Calendar, Google+ and Facebook for announcements about those Family Days. They'll be coming soon!


Posted on October 3, 2013 and filed under Announcements.