Let's Get Our Cosplay On


I'm very pleased to announce our newest Affiliate Group: DeeTwenty Cosplayers! 

I'm also pleased that the reigns of this new group will be held by the lovely and brilliant Soo Patterson! 

This is the second native group to open at DeeTwenty, endorsed and partially sponsored by DeeTwenty itself. Hopefully the second of many to come!

What, you might ask, does a Cosplay group actually do? I'm glad you asked! 

We've noticed that the local cosplay community has been growing and becoming more visible within greater geekdom. We love that trend, but we've also noticed that most cosplayers are working in relative obscurity, trying to figure stuff out on their own.

While we're certainly in awe of some of the excellent costumes we've seen around the Joburg con scene that people have cooked up on their own, we'd love to create a space where cosplayers can get together, share tips and tricks, learn new skills and have regular socials to show of their work to each other!

That sort of thing isn't just for cosplayers who cosplay because cosplay... there are plenty of geeks who could use a hand figuring out how to make their stuff: Trekkies, Stormtroopers and historical re-enacters need to put together uniforms, LARPers and other role players have costumes and props to build, and general geeks who like to accessorize want to figure out how to make cool things too. 

If you belong to any of those categories, and if you're reading this, you almost certainly do, DeeTwenty Cosplayers is the group for you!

Official name: DeeTwenty Cosplay
Leader: Soo Patterson
Affiliate Day: Friday
WebsiteGoogle+ Community


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Posted on October 23, 2013 and filed under Affiliates.