Neigh-Bours Magical Medieval Fayre

This Saturday (the 26th of October 2013) DeeTwenty will be attending the Neigh-Bours Magical Medieval Fayre!

How does a building attend an event, you might ask? Well the building isn't going, but we'll be setting up a temporary embassy of all things DeeTwenty there - a "stand" you might call it. Stand number 59 to be precise.

At this stand you'll be able to purchase a little cup of molten chocolate (Cadbury's - the good stuff) with a fruit kebab in it so you can dip or dribble that chocolate all over it to your heart's content. All for R25! (That's roughly what a day at DeeTwenty will cost you if you have a Full Membership).

We'll also have a small space to chill out with fellow geeks under the shade of our tent - protecting you from either the sun or the rain (which Google assures us is unlikely).

Be sure to come dressed appropriately, and get into the spirit of the day! 



So why would DeeTwenty do such a thing? What does a Medieval Fayre have to do with an exclusive geeking venue?

Thing is,  DeeTwenty exists within a larger geek community - what's good for the community is good for DeeTwenty. So we see it as our responsibility to support and encourage other geeky enterprises as much as we can. Just like those of us who want to see local music or cinema thrive: It behooves us to support those things with our patronage (by going to the concerts or seeing the movies), not because we have to, but because we WANT to.

This isn't a some sort of selfless show of charity. On the contrary! DeeTwenty isn't looking for donations or handouts, and we don't have any to offer. What we want to ensure is that DeeTwenty has an economic right to exist. DeeTwenty is a business that needs to sustain itself on its own merit if it's going to be successful and a useful asset to the local geek community.

That's why we're selling fruit kebabs smothered in molten chocolate. Not just because it's delicious, but because the profits we earn that day will help us with start-up costs for DeeTwenty itself. And because being physically present out in the geek community gives us an opportunity to meet and greet fellow geeks in person, spreading the message of "Join the Club" to those who may not yet have heard it.

So while we're using this opportunity to raise funds, it's not about seeking charity. We want to provide products and services that people actually want, and are willing to pay a fair price for, both at the Fayre and at the club itself. That's what we mean when we say that DeeTwenty must have an "economic right to exist". That's our philosophy, always.

All we ask of you, as a fan of DeeTwenty, is: IF you like what we have to offer, rather buy it from us than someone else. That's the sort of thing that will allow DeeTwenty to thrive and grow at a healthy pace, without us needing to panic about keeping the doors open.



After that tangent, the original message here is that DeeTwenty supports other geeky initiatives in our community. We love to see people doing cool things, and want to do everything we can to encourage that. 

More to the point, DeeTwenty would love the opportunity to collaborate with you on your awesome project - whether we're just providing a space for you to build the world's biggest LEGO Starship Enterprise, or if you need our help in publicising your geeky charity walk that starts (or ends) outside our front gate. We're a geek-friendly venue that won't point and laugh. We don't judge and we want you to succeed. 

If you've got a geeky project up your sleeve and you think there's a way DeeTwenty can be involved, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Posted on October 22, 2013 and filed under Announcements.