Helm, Set Course For Awesome!

Today I'm pleased to introduce you guys to our first registered Affiliate Group: The USS Dauntless NCC-74214. 

The USS Dauntless is a Star Trek fan club based in Johannesburg, and they (we) are proud to call DeeTwenty our new home. 

Their (our) leader is Commodore Owen Swart (that's me, so I'll stick with the 1st person pronouns from here on out)  who took command in 2007 when the ship was transferred across from Florida, USA.

The Dauntless is a "Starfleet-style" club, which means that each member receives a rank and title, and has the opportunity to earn their way up through the ranks by actively participating in the group. Those ranks and titles (as well as the official uniforms we wear) are based on those seen in Star Trek, as you may expect. The Dauntless isn't a role playing game (although some of our members do enjoy role playing from time to time).

The Dauntless is a chapter of 'STARFLEET The International Star Trek Fan Association Inc' (SFI), and is the flagship of SFI's Region 8 - the area including all of Africa and the Middle East.

Dauntless members participate in a vibrant online community with their non-local members. But we also have enough Joburg-based members that we can enjoy a great many in-person events, like trips, blood drives, conventions, hikes, paintball... as well as a number of events that'll be hosted at DeeTwenty in future, such as Star Trek gaming (cards, miniatures, role playing etc), debates, dinners, talks and, of course, Star Trek screenings.

Official name: USS Dauntless NCC-74214
Leader: Owen Swart
Affiliate Day: Monday
Website: http://dauntless.region8-sfi.org


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Posted on October 2, 2013 and filed under Affiliates.