How Do I Join the Club?

Once you've decided which membership option you'd like to go for, how do you go about actually signing up?

If you want a Day Pass, it's super easy. Just show up at the club during one of our Open Sessions and pay R45 at the door.  

Full and Affiliate Memberships are a bit more complicated to set up, but they're even easier to maintain after you've gone through the initial process.

The first step is to go to the Membership page and fill in the form. Here's the information you'll need, and why we need it: 

  •  Your name. Your actual name, please. Not your character's name or something else.
  • Your email address. Once you're signed up, at the beginning of every month you'll receive an email from us containing the new WiFi password for that month, a calendar of upcoming events and whatever other important announcements we need to make. We may need to send out the occasional blast if something urgent comes up during the month, but we'll be keeping that sort of thing to an absolute minimum. We'll also be keeping your address to ourselves - we don't share member details with anyone, not even other members.
  • Your previous membership number. If you're signing up for the first time, you won't have one of these. If you've been a member before and want to change your membership, update your email address or restart a lapsed membership, we'll need to know what your old membership number was so we can update our database. 
  • Membership option. This is where you tell us if you're going for a Full or Affiliate Membership. If you choose Affiliate, you'll go to a second screen where you'll select which Affiliate you're joining under. (Please make sure you're already a member of that Affiliate Group before signing up under them, otherwise it creates a real paperwork mess for everyone)

And that's it. You click Submit and your application is on its way to my inbox. 

 This guy will bring it to me personally

This guy will bring it to me personally

Within 24 hours I'll see your message and follow up on my end. I'll update our database with your details, and then send you an email back with our payment details, your new membership number (if you didn't already have one) and our Fine Print document with some extra info, terms and conditions and that sort of thing.

Whenever you're ready, you can make the payment (either in cash at the door or via EFT) and send us the payment confirmation, then your membership will be active. 

If you pay before the 5th of a month, your membership will be active for that month. After the 5th, it goes to the following month. So if you pay on the 1st of November, your membership is active for November. But if you pay on the 10th of November, it only activates at the beginning of December.

If you want to pay for several months in advance, that's cool. Just let us know you're doing that, and I'll make sure your membership is activated for however many months you need.

Although you can pay in cash at the door, we prefer and recommend that you do it via EFT instead. Most banks (probably all of them) allow you to set up automated payments months in advance so they happen without you having to worry about it. That's the easiest way, so that's what we recommend doing. It's your own, personal money robot!



There will, from time to time, be special offers and discounts available, like our current Beta Weeks promotion. We'll do our best to let you know about those beforehand, if they affect how much you'd have to pay. If you end up paying too much, we'll credit your account accordingly.

Given that the club hasn't yet opened, if anyone wants to join the early adopters and get their membership paid up right now, that's cool. In case it didn't go without saying, if you do that, your membership only activates when we open our doors on the 2nd of November. 

If anything goes wrong, or if you're not sure about something, my inbox is always open. Contact us and I'll do whatever I can to get you sorted.

Posted on October 16, 2013 and filed under Announcements.