More About the Beta Weeks

You guys might already have seen us mention the Beta Weeks we'll be having leading up to our Grand Opening. on the 16th of November.

Essentially these are a couple of weeks (starting on the 2nd of November) when we'll be open for business for our normal hours, but we're not 100% certain that everything will be completely up and running yet.  

We wanted to make it clear that we may not be fully operational yet, but we also don't want to charge people the full price for what might be less than the full DeeTwenty experience.


 Fully operational?

Fully operational?

That being the case, we're offering discounted rates for those weeks.

A Day Pass would normally go for R45, but during the Beta Weeks it will only set you back R35.  

If you've signed up for a Full Membership for the month of November, those two weeks will be discounted, so instead of the usual R290 monthly fee, you'll be paying R261 for November.

If you've got an Affiliate Membership, instead of the usual R150, you'll be paying R125 for November. 


Hopefully that'll make it a bit easier to put up with with having to dodge the odd paint tin around the club while we're ramping up. We're looking forward to getting the doors open as soon as we can. Like they say in the software world: "Release early, iterate often".

If you're keen to get your Full or Affiliate Membership paid up so long, there's no need to wait. Head over to the Membership page and fill in the form - we'll guide you through the process from there. 

Looking forward to seeing you guys at the club! 

Posted on October 10, 2013 and filed under Announcements.