Who Are the DeeTwenty People?

DeeTwenty is all about people. But who are the people behind DeeTwenty? 

Right now, there's pretty much only one person you need to know about, and that's Owen Swart

Owen is DeeTwenty's founder, and has been the GM of the Geeking Venue, the chef in the Power Up Bar, the web and social media admin and the guy responsible for running some of the various affiliated groups linked to DeeTwenty over the years.

Considering this, and his blossoming career as a cosplayer under the name "DeeTwenty Cosplay", Owen is the face of DeeTwenty. When you're speaking to us, you're probably speaking to him.

Owen's geek credentials are well-established. They start with his impressive STARFLEET CV, and reach into many other areas. We're glad to have someone like this guy at the helm.

Owen works full-time for the geek community. If you'd like to encourage him to keep up the good work, you can become a patron!