DeeTwenty Guild

DeeTwenty Guild is our World of Warcraft guild. 

The guild is for Alliance players on the Turalyon-EU realm, who are residents of South Africa. 

We host weekly guild-centered raids, dungeons and farming sessions. 

The guild is active on Facebook and in Discord.

Within the guild, players are able to earn ranks, which grant a number of privileges. Privileges can include:

  • Preferential access to guild parties,
  • Extra access to the guild bank,
  • Looting priority for non-critical items,
  • Admin rights to the in-game guild, Facebook group and Discord channel

To earn and maintain rank within the guild, players are expected to adhere to a minimum level of activity. That activity is stipulated in the guild charter.

Our Elite Team

These guys are the most active members of the guild. Their primary function is as our raiding team, but on their various alts they also currently comprise our Mythic dungeon team, and our PvP team. 


Owen Swart - DPS/Tank

Main: Mightynimrod (Beast Mastery Hunter)
Alts: Mightyseraph (Havoc Demon Hunter), Hominan (Protection Paladin)


Soo Patterson - Healer/DPS

Main: Furmanchu (Holy Priest)
Alts: Soocase (Demonology Warlock)

Other members of the guild do participate in our various guild activities, but have yet to earn their places as permanent members of the DeeTwenty Alliance Elite. If you think you have what it takes to have your face on this page, you'll need to be an active, skilled and regular participant in Guild activities over an extended period of time. When the raiding team feel you've earned your spot here, you'll be the first to know. Start working your way up the rank ladder and making an impact!