Affiliate Program

The DeeTwenty Affiliate Program offers an opportunity to local geek groups a venue for their events, combined with a limited DeeTwenty membership for their members. 

Each affiliate group is allocated one day a week on which their Affiliate Members are able to enjoy full access of the DeeTwenty facility. 


Does your group qualify for the DeeTwenty Affiliate Program? 

All you need is the following: 

  • A name
  • A logo
  • A "leader" 
  • A list of your members
  • A website (which could be a Google+ or Facebook Page, Community or Group) 

Got all those things? Great! Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to sign up! 

The DeeTwenty Affiliate Groups

(In alphabetical order)


DeeTwenty Cosplayers

A native DeeTwenty group, these guys are interested in growing and supporting the cosplay community with courses, workshops and regular opportunities to show off your swag!

WebsiteGoogle+ Community

Leader: Soo Patterson

Affiliate Day: Friday



DeeTwenty HeroClix

"Slinging 'clix DeeTwenty style" - a native DeeTwenty group, these guys get together regularly and play HeroClix and other, related games (including Star Trek Attack Wing). Friendly pick-ups and tournaments included.

Website: Google+ Community

Leader: Owen Swart

Affiliate Day: Friday 


DeeTwenty Singles

A native DeeTwenty group, here's a place to meet fellow geeks for alliances, friendships or romances and hang out together either online, or IRL at DeeTwenty Geeking Venue!!

WebsiteFacebook Group

Leader: Soo Patterson

Affiliate Day: Friday



Gauteng Skeptics

A loose collective of people interested methodological naturalism and consumer advocacy. Gauteng Skeptics promote the use of science for the advancement of society and the elimination of harmful superstitions.

Website: Google+ Community 

Leader: Owen Swart

Affiliate Day: Wednesday



Social Debating Group

The SDG is a club of social debaters: people who enjoy gathering together for a fun evening of food, friends and lively discussion on interesting topics. 

WebsiteGoogle+ Community: Social Debating Group 

Leader: Soo Patterson

Affiliate Day: Wednesday


USS Dauntless NCC-74214

The Dauntless is a Star Trek fan club based in Joburg, South Africa. Dauntless members enjoy frequent events, including movie nights, games nights, role playing, hikes, trips and a vibrant online community. 


Leader: Commodore Owen Swart

Affiliate Day: Monday